9 ways Peoplevox is speedy to deploy

We’ve thought of every possible way we can contend with The Flash on his speediness in deploying our warehouse management software. Peoplevox warehouse software founder Jonathan Bellwood talks through the 9 ways we are the speediest WMS to deploy:

1. We are web-based warehouse software so you can open your shiny new iPad, get the wifi going, immediately login and continue fulfiling your customer’s orders

2. Our cloud printing means no time is wasted tediously setting up drivers on your warehouse hardware

3. We operate through an exhaustive checklist of actions needed to get you live and ready so there are no nasty surprises to cause delay to your warehouse system project

4. Our software is purposely configurable with an intuitive user interface allowing you to take control of your warehouse system setup

5. Our software is built to be simple to use requiring only 30 minutes to train your warehouse operators to get up and picking

6.  As well as numerous off the shelf integrations, we have built the warehouse system so any Client can write an integration into us. Curious which integrations we offer? Take a look here.

For the full 9 ways Peoplevox warehouse management software is the speediest WMS to deploy, watch our Founder Jonathan Bellwood talk above.