I don't have a barcoding project - but my company needs one!


Who should be read this: Operations and Warehouse managers who are currently using a manual, paper-based system to run their warehouse and recognise the benefits that a barcoding project will bring to their company.

Complete a return on investment calculator

>> Look at the cost of errors from a mis-shipment, not just the number.

>> Try to consider the less-tangible costs like customer's that are sent the wrong items becoming dissatisfied and simply buying from somewhere else.

>> Complete more than one – there will of course be variances between different companies return on investment calculator. You can not spend too much time estimating the return on investment.

There is one for you to download on our home page which our Clients have found to be the most useful. It is from a company in Canada called Accellos who are specialists in warehouse and transport management systems.

Invite in companies that offer barcoding solutions

Rather than paying for consultants invite in companies that can deliver the barcoding project. 100% of companies offer an initial on-site consultation and will give you business process feedback free of charge. They can help you to improve the accuracy of your return on investment calculations and educate you on best practices.

Get the support of sales

The sales function drives many businesses so helping them to see how they will benefit from improving the back-end operation can be critical in gaining wider business support.

>> Accurate inventory data that they can trust means they can commit to delivery dates without double-checking with the warehouse, saving them time.

>> If you have no stock but your accounting system says that you do…you have one angry customer and customer service calls to deal with.

>> How many customers have they lost this year because of mis-shipments?

Author: Oliver Rhodes