5 year crystal ball Gartner research predicts future of IT

Here are the predictions from Gartner:

By 2015

1. Critical infrastructure of a G20 nation will be brought down by hackers cracking through security.

2. CIOs will be compensated based upon IT improvement, top and bottom line.

3. 60% increase in IT budget per head for companies that care about having information real time and at the point of activity.

4. 25% reduction in working hours in roles where IT services are core and will be replaced by automation tools.

5. Cloud computing service providers will make up 20% of Global 500 companies that are not IT related.

6. Only 90% of your online friends will be human!

By 2014:

7. If you bring your own electronic device to work, 90% of companies will support the company applications on them.

By 2013:

8. Tablets will be deployed to the employees in 80% of companies.


Interesting predictions...

Author: Jonathan Bellwood