Snow increases web shopping & software download action


The snow is setting in with force in the UK and we are mentally prepared to grind to a halt, as usual with greater than 1 inch of snow. Whilst it is bad news for many businesses, especially high street retailers, there are those celebrating Christmas early. Here are the top 3 business types that benefit.

Web shoppers

Getting stuck at home for some will mean the perfect opportunity to get their Christmas shopping started via the Web, rather than going to the shops had the snow and ice not set in. On the flip side, the web shops are trying to get stocked up in their warehouse, and if they are not stocked up by now, they risk getting orders that they are unable to fulfill. Many Web shop are getting stock in, doing this inventory software download in order to get you the accurate figures of what they actually have, so you are not left 'present-less'. Chances are the snow will move on and leave these Web shops to get all their inventory cleared and fulfill your orders.

2. Software download companies

If it snows through an ash cloud with gale force winds, software is still delivered to you. Well, this is true for software that you sign up to online such as Zendesk, Google Apps and Business applications such as these, service desk, email and inventory software download to your PC and you are up and running via the Web. This is not true for software that is sent as a CD in a box, still very popular for Microsoft.

3. Road grit, 4x4 suppliers & car tyre suppliers

What was the top selling item at the football world cup in South Africa? Not the vuvuzela, surprisingly. It was in fact earplugs! Last year in the snow, we saw sales of 4x4 vehicles increase, clearing the large inventory of cars these car companies often have, leading to a price increase in some cases due to the high demand. You also could not get hold of winter tyres and when you did they were whacked up on the price. Same applied for grit (and gritters).

In most misfortunes, there are those that benefit and those suffer. If you are one of the lucky ones, enjoy the cold spell.

Author: Jonathan Bellwood