Omni-channel Customer Experience Challenge - Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins Omni-channel customer experience challenge
Dorothy Perkins Omni-channel customer experience challenge

In an age of omni-channel eCommerce, every retailer wants to be the best. But succeeding at omni-channel is not an easy feat as there are so many areas that have to be pitch perfect. The desktop website should be simple and easy to use, and the same applies to the mobile site. Your store, if it's large enough, should have a good variety of what is available online so that consumers can find the same items should they wish to. Then you need an easy-to-understand checkout process and stellar logistics.

Doesn't really sound so simple, does it?

As part of our ongoing eCommerce Customer Experience Challenge, we tested Dorothy Perkins on their omni-channel experience. Want to know how they fared? All is revealed in the SlideShare below...

The Dorothy Perkins Customer Experience


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Author: Jess Lawrence