Oracle WMS and Peoplevox help leading landing gear manufacturer

Oracle WMS and Peoplevox improve warehousing management of leading aircraft landing gear manufacturer

In 2008, Peoplevox overcame the following issues for leading aircraft landing gear manufacturer, Messier-Dowty, combining it with Oracle WMS (warehouse management system):

>> Intermittent data loss from handheld barcode data terminals

>> Uncertainty as to source of external interference on wireless network

>> Uncertainty as to what would happen when installing additional high lift carousels

>> Existing handheld terminals becoming old

>> Support systems from suppliers needed improving

Together, Peoplevox in partnership with Motorola for the hardware and Oracle for the application software as part of the Oracle E-Business Suite, provided the following solutions:

>> Conducted a thorough wireless site survey covering all potential interferences both externally and internally from motors, switching of large ovens, spraying and welding operations

>> Checked parameters for coverage leakage and security

>> Conducted a thorough spectrum analysis identifying redundancy coverage with access ports, thus maintaining a minimum coverage in case one goes pop

>> Identifying areas where the signal was low due to reflection and absorption

>> Ensure future proofing for introduction of 802.11n high data capacity capability along with Rfid and VoIP

>> Back-up for system failures including potential land connectivity between buildings

>> Replacement of DOS based solution with latest CE handheld devices from Motorola, to integrate with the latest Oracle WMS

>> Deployment of service portal by Peoplevox to enable issues and repairs of complete system to be logged online