Retail Business Technology Expo - ARTS interview

Below is an interview with Richard Mader, Executive Director, ARTS that I received on email today from the Retail Business Technology Expo organisers:

ARTS is a retailer-driven membership organisation dedicated to creating an open environment where both retailers and technology vendors work together to create international retail technology standards. Based in the USA but with 43% international membership, ARTS strives to ensure that technology works to enhance a retailer’s ability to implement business solutions, that easily accommodate change.

What's the next big thing in retail?

Mobile smart phones for marketing, commerce and payment, building new anywhere/anytime connections with consumers.

Biggest challenge to current business:

The economy and maximizing use of new technology to enhance customer services and lower operating costs.

What is your biggest headache in your job right now?

Encouraging business partners to look at and invest in the future while they fight for daily sales.

Most exciting or promising technological developments:

Cloud computing, great potential to lower cost and enable easier implementation of new business processes.

How important is mobile, social networking, internet retailing and the cloud to retailers?

Absolutely critical to success, indeed staying in business.

What do you hate about exhibitions and wish would change?

So much to see and so little time, more pointed messages to instantly verify interest and arrange follow-ups.

What, if anything, do you love about exhibitions?

Opportunity to find new innovative ideas usually in the smaller back booths.

What would you like to see at Retail Business Technology Expo?

Well organized exhibit area by subject/business process with space to sit and chat.

Whose job would you most like outside of retailing/ hospitality?

Politician, so I could work to create friendlier business environments.

Best retail CRM example you have seen or experienced:

Medico Healthcare internet pharmacy.

What is your favourite 'gadget' (work or personal)?

My new android smart phone, WOW so many services available to make my life easier.

ARTS will have a Pavilion featuring some of their members at Retail Business Technology Expo.

To find out more about ARTS visit: or call +1.202.626.8140

For more information on Retail Business Technology Expo go to: or call 020 8874 2728

Author: Jonathan Bellwood