Purchasing and goods inbound 

Microsoft Dynamics Nav 

  • Create purchase orders
  • Automate purchase order creation for sales orders for non-stocked items for a JIT (just-in-time) business model

Peoplevox Warehouse Management System

  • Receive against Microsoft Dynamics NAV purchase orders using the WMS
  • Automate reconciliation against Microsoft Dynamics NAV purchase orders

Customer and supplier management 

Microsoft Dynamics Nav

  • Bring your customer service team into one portal
  • Automate manual customer service processes
  • Keep all your customer and supplier information in one place

Peoplevox's Warehouse Management System 

  • Automate Microsoft Dynamics NAV sales order updates from your warehouse to customer service so your team are prepared for customer service calls


Inventory and Product information management 

Peoplevox provides real-time inventory levels for your inventory in your warehouse. Microsoft Dynamics NAV can consolidate inventory levels from your supplier feeds, retail stores and Peoplevox so you can show them online.

Microsoft Dynamics Nav

  • Manage your product file in one place
  • Manage inventory across multiple warehouses and monitor supplier stock levels
  • Route orders to different fulfilment centres based on your business rules

Peoplevox's Warehouse Management System

  • Product information is imported into Peoplevox from Microsoft Dynamics NAV so you only update them in one place
  • Send real-time inventory levels to Microsoft Dynamics NAV from your Peoplevox Warehouse Management System
  • Get a single view of inventory across multiple fulfilment centres within Microsoft Dynamics NAV and your WMS

Order management

Microsoft Dynamics Nav

    • Advanced order management solution for B2B and B2C orders
    • Manage payments and billing

    Peoplevox's Warehouse Management System

    • Manage allocation of inventory from the warehouse to Microsoft Dynamics NAV sales orders
    • Send real-time order status updates to Microsoft Dynamics NAV

    dynamics nav warehouse management 

    Peoplevox's Warehouse Management System

    • Manage your workforce with real-time accountability and dashboards
    • Manage multiple warehouses across the countries you operate in
    • 100% mobile across warehouse management processes for your team and your management

    B2B and B2C order fulfilment 

    Peoplevox's Warehouse Management System

    • Pick for retail stores and despatch by load
    • Single line order picking for eCommerce and drop-ship orders
    • Multi order batch or wave picking
    • Pick and despatch by container / pallet / carton
    • Integrated despatch solution for parcel carrier service selection and shipping label printing

    Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

    What advantage does the Peoplevox WMS for Microsoft Dynamics Nav give versus other WMS solutions? 

    Working with a WMS that is separate from MSFT Dynamics NAV offers multiple advantages, and also some drawbacks you should consider. The key is work out what suits you best.

    • WMS can be deployed and upgraded independently of MSFT Dynamics NAV plans
    • Optimised for multi-channel fulfilment and in particular e-commerce
    • Up to date mobile technology, using Android operating system. This offers a more configurable and responsive solution compared to a web browser or Windows application

    Would this combination be suitable for my business?

    Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP is used by wholesale distributors and e-commerce pure-play companies who are £15M in revenue or more.

    The Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution is offered as a cloud-hosted or on-premise and suits companies with strong in-house IT capability who have experience in Microsoft products.

    The Microsoft Dynamics NAV combination with Peoplevox SaaS WMS is ideal for companies that are up and running with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and need to improve their fulfilment processes for B2B and B2C distribution.