• Get a real-time inventory figure on your Visualsoft website
  • Eliminate manual inventory updates
  • Barcode scan items in and record changes using a mobile computer

Picking errors

  • Stop wasting time double-checking every order
  • Use a barcode scan to check correct items are picked
  • Hire temporary staff who don't know your inventory and trust they will pick the right products for orders


Finding products

  • Save hours being spent searching for products
  • Record the exact location of every product with a barcode scan
  • Train new warehouse operators in 25 minutes

missing inventory

  • Stop losing track of your inventory
  • Get 100% traceability on every single inventory level change
  • Stock take using barcode scanners - up to 70% faster

Visualsoft's Success Story: Bells Shoes

Bells Shoes implemented an e-commerce warehouse management system for Visualsoft fulfilment to help eliminate overselling.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Who is using it?

  • Shoes - Bells Shoes
  • Arts & Crafts - CraftArts.co.uk
  • Fashion & apparel - Blue Inc
  • Retailers with a few retail stores

How do we know if we are big enough for your solution?  

We've helped Visualsoft clients who require three or more full-time employees to help in their fulfilment during quiet times. These companies have found that it helps reduce the need for temporary warehouse staff and means they need to hire less people during peak times.


How does the integration work

  • Inventory feed is sent from Peoplevox to Visualsoft
  • Sales orders are downloaded from Visualsoft to Peoplevox
  • Despatches are sent back from Peoplevox to Visualsoft and include tracking details if they are available
  • Product information is added and edited in Visualsoft and copied into Peoplevox

Does this solution integrate with parcel carriers? 

Yes, Peoplevox can be integrated to your parcel carriers. Popular carriers include:

  • GFS - Global Freight Solutions
  • MetaPack
  • Royal Mail DMO
  • DPD
  • UPS
  • FedEx