Go multichannel

Volo Commerce

  • Manage your product data for listings in one place
  • Import data from multiple file formats
  • Connect to all your sales channels, including Amazon and eBay

Peoplevox Warehouse Management System

  • Send product data from the Volo platform to your warehouse management system automatically
  •  Connect your website through the Volo platform or directly to Peoplevox

control inventory

Volo Commerce

  • Connect inventory from multiple supplier feeds, fulfillment centres and your own warehouse
  • Amazon FBA Connect module to see your complete inventory
  • Manage your inventory between your sales channels using buffers and integrations to avoid overselling

Peoplevox Warehouse Management System

  • Send the Volo platform a live warehouse inventory feed so as things change in your fulfillment centre, your sales channels are kept up to date


E-commerce WMS

Peoplevox Warehouse Management System 

  • Go paperless in your warehouse
  • Get accountability for performance across the team
  • Ship more orders with less effort and stress
  • Take the brain power out of your fulfilment steps

Peoplevox Order Picking

  • Pick in the fastest route through the warehouse
  • Barcode scan for accuracy
  • Track who your fastest pickers are and give feedback to the team


    Volo Commerce

    • Create purchase orders for suppliers
    • Automate PO generation

    Peoplevox Warehouse Management System

    • Import purchase orders from the Volo platform
    • Receive against purchase orders from the Volo platform, using a mobile app and reconcile goods in automatically
    • Print barcode labels for products not labelled or receive without scanning

    Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

    The Volo platform has some WMS features, what benefits are clients getting from using Peoplevox with Volo Commerce? 

    The Volo platform has some of the most advanced fulfilment features of any marketplace solution. 

    Specific benefits of using Peoplevox WMS with Volo Commerce:

    • Go mobile in the warehouse and eliminate any paper trails
    • Manage inventory location and quantity using barcode scanning to dynamically assign products
    • Manage replenishment between bulk storage and your pick face
    • Get advanced pick sequencing for optimising your pick routes
    • Simplify your processes so you can train people more quickly

    Would this combination be suitable for my business? 

    The Peoplevox warehouse management system & Volo Commerce solution is being used by companies in multiple categories, including:

    • Toys & games
    • Mobile cases & accessories
    • Stock clearance
    • Fancy dress
    • Lifestyle & sportswear