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We help retailers unearth warehouse challenges

  • An inefficient goods-in process stops product being available for sale quickly
  • Wasted or disorganised space costs time and money, as well as limiting your agility during peak
  • Long routes or single product pick runs mean daily picks-per-employee are low
  • Overselling due to poor stock management and order processes
  • Reliance on printed data, order and picking information by warehouse staff
  • Inefficient printing and shipping procedures through to carriers



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Oliver is one of our Enterprise Fulfilment Consultants and has been with Peoplevox since the early days. His knowledge of the fulfilment industry is second to none, and he is on hand to help you unearth inefficiencies, areas for improvement and best practice in large scale retail environments.

Oliver Rhodes
Enterprise Fulfilment Consultant
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Sam is part of the Peoplevox Account Team, working alongside Oliver to onboard new accounts and assist in a pre-sales capacity, helping potential clients understand some of the issues they can solve with a WMS, ways in which it can be implemented and how it can be used to increase efficiencies.

Sam Gold
Account Executive
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