Recognising that warehouses are not all the same, we designed Peoplevox to be flexible. Our Warehouse Management System allows you to tailor it to support your own unique operational requirements.

Configurable process flows

The way operatives work in and move around a warehouse can vary significantly from one to the next. Being able to determine your own process flows is essential to implementing a WMS that's effective for you. Some examples of what can be configured are:

  • Whether to automatically to reconcile at goods-in, or not
  • Specify rules around over receipt at goods-in
  • Control how you scan items and locations when picking
  • Define packaging prompts and suggestions
  • Manually or automatically approve stocktake variances


Labels, documents & printing

Choose what to print and from where.

Peoplevox allows you to control your own templates by uploading your own labels, designed using ZebraDesigner or similar, and creating or editing your own A4 templates using our Custom Documents feature.

You can choose your own local printers, and remove print decisions at the pack bench by using configurable print rules to specify what gets printed.




Product information

The products you sell can vary enormously, so Peoplevox lets you decide what product information to store and how items are grouped. After all, you know your products best.

For clothing, attributes such as size and colour are important; for other items you may need to indicate if they are flammable or exceptionally heavy.

Choose from a wide range of product information fields to define what you need. This process can be managed manually, or by mapping and importing data from external systems.

Kitting & bundles

You might want to sell some products individually or in bundles or kits. For example, a table and chairs could be offered as a full dining set, or the table and each chair could be purchased individually. Peoplevox can translate a bundle or kit into its individual component products, so you can be confident that whether you sell the dining set or 2 single chairs Peoplevox will know what to pick, as well as knowing what's in stock and available for sale. 

Alternatively, some products, such as candles or glassware, may come in 'units of measure' such as inner and outer cases, and, while they are offered for sale individually, people may often purchase many at a time. To make it easier to pick such products, tell Peoplevox when you have scanned a full case and it will automatically know the quantity without you having to scan every individual item.

Define your own unit of measure names and assign quantities to them for each item for maximum flexibility.


Barcoding offers a huge amount of flexibility and efficiency to the warehouse environment.

If your barcodes contain both product and unit of measure information, our configurable barcodes feature lets Peoplevox know the product and quantity from a single scan.

And, if you source a single product from multiple suppliers - each of whom use a different barcode - but you need to sell it under a single barcode, Peoplevox can handle it